Proctored Online Testing Booths

image of the interior of a Library West Proctored Testing Booth


  • ​​​There are 10 Test Proctoring Booths located on the southwest-side of the 2nd floor of Library West.


  • Each booth has
    • computer workstation on the UF network
    • webcam with a cord long enough to remove the camera from the monitor and show the proctor the space
    • a door that closes for testing privacy
  • Booths do not have headphones
    • If your test requires headphones or a headset, you must bring your own.
  • Booths are NOT soundproof
    • Although the booths are located in a semi-quiet area of the 2nd floor, they are not soundproof.
    • Remember to bring your own earplugs if you find ambient noise distracting.


  • Who can book?
    • Currently-enrolled UF students may reserve an online proctored test booth for two and a half hours.
    • Booths are only available to students taking online proctored exams and students must show their LibCal confirmation email if asked by Library staff.
  • Reservation times
    • Reservation times, when Library West is open, are for 8:30am-11:00am, 11:30am-2:00pm, or 2:30pm-5:00pm, on Monday through Friday; evening times are 5:30pm-9:30pm, Monday through Thursday; and Sunday times are 12:30pm-3:00pm and 3:30pm-5:30pm.
    • Students should be mindful of both preparation time and test length when selecting their reservation time, and allow for additional time to connect to the online proctoring company (ProctorU, HonorLock, Tegrity, etc.) and set up the online exam.
  • How to book
    • Go to:
    • Choose a booth number and reservation time, then click to begin filling out the reservation form.
    • When your reservation has been submitted – you will receive confirmation from LibCal that your reservation for a proctoring booth has been completed.
      • If you do not receive this reservation confirmation email, be sure to contact Library West User Services at (352) 273-2525.
      • If you do not receive a confirmation email, you may not have correctly made your reservation.


  • Bring your LibCal reservation with you!
    • Important – be sure to save your LibCal reservation confirmation email and have it with you when you come to Library West.
      1. You will need to know the booth number to go to.
      2. If the library is at capacity, showing this confirmation email will let you into the building.
  • No key required, but do grab a cleaning wipe
    • No keys are required for the testing booths so you can skip stopping at the Circulation Desk and go straight to the booth you reserved (please do not enter the booth more than 5 minutes before your reservation start time).
    • You may ask for a wipe at the Circulation Desk to clean the keyboard and mouse in the space you have reserved, or you may bring and use your own.
  • Please Arrive On Time
    • You may enter the testing booth no more than 5 minutes before your reservation start time.
  • Before entering the booth – check room # and reservation time
    • Double-check your reservation time and room number, so you do not accidentally walk in on someone else’s exam.
  • Log out of the workstation & shut the door
    • You will need to log out of the workstation before leaving.
    • Please close the door behind you.
  • Leave on time
    • Booths are extremely popular, it’s important that you leave the booth by the end of your reservation period so that the next person can get to their test on time.


  • Library staff do not offer computing or testing support.
  • Workstation Issues
    • If there are any issues connecting or problems with the workstation please submit a Help Request at:
    • or call the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-4357 (HELP).
  • Testing Service Issues
    • Issues with the testing service will most quickly be resolved by contacting the help desk for the service proctoring your exam.