Currently-enrolled UF students can reserve a proctored online testing booth. Booths are only available by reservation, and for taking online proctored exams. 

Booth Equipment and Features 

  • Booths contain a computer workstation on the UF network, a webcam, and a door that closes for testing privacy. 
  • Booths do not have headphones or speakers. If your test requires audio, you must bring your own headphones
  • Booths are not soundproof. If you find ambient noise distracting, please bring your own earplugs. The booths are located in a semi-quiet area of the 2nd floor, but they are not soundproof. 
  • Do not unplug and move equipment in the testing booth. 
  • No food or drinks should be brought into the proctoring booth. Only water bottles are allowed. 


  • Reservations must be made by the test-taker. You cannot use your GatorLink login to reserve a booth for another person. 
  • Reservations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. Reservations can be made up to 2 weeks ahead of time.  
  • You can only have one reservation at a time. Once your reservation is completed, you may reserve a future time block. If you cancel your existing reservation, you will be able to make another.  
  • Reservations are available during hours that Library West is open, in set blocks of time that are pre-designated and that cannot be changed. 
  • Booths are designed for exams that are flexibly scheduled and independent from a fixed testing time and date. These are sometimes called asynchronous exams.  
  • Reservation blocks are between 2 and 3 hours duration on Sundays through Fridays. 
  • Longer, full-day reservation blocks are available on Saturdays.  
  • Pay attention to both preparation time and test length when selecting a reservation time. 
  • Plan for additional time to connect to the online proctoring service (ProctorU, HonorLock, Tegrity, etc.) and to set up the online exam. 
  • Note that due to predetermined blocks for our reservations, these booths may not work for exams with official start and end times (that is, synchronous exams). Examples of these would be exams for large classes where all students are taking the exam at specific start/stop times, or for standardized tests (such as the LSAT and MCAT). 

How do I make a reservation? 

  1. Go to our reservation page at https://ufl.libcal.com/reserve/ProctorLibWest
  1. Find an open block of time that works for your schedule and will allow you to complete your test. 
  1. Choose a booth number and reservation time, then click the “Submit Times” button to review the details of your booking. 
  1. Click the “Continue” button, complete the reservation form, and then click the button to “Submit my Booking”. 
  1. If your reservation form has been submitted correctly, you will receive a confirmation email from our reservation software, LibCal. 
  1. You must bring the confirmation email from LibCal, along with your GatorOne Card, to the 2nd-floor Circulation Desk to check out the key to the booth. 

Reservation Help 

  • If you do not receive a reservation confirmation email, contact Library West User Services at (352) 273-2525 or libwestservices@ad.ufl.edu