Plant Yourself and Study Program

Alligator plant with a stake reading “Sequoia” in a terracotta pot next to a coaster reading ”LibWest Study Buddy”.

What are Library West Study Buddies?

In an initiative to promote mental well-being and clarity for those already striving for their personal best, Library West is introducing these little green partners as a self-care outlet. When you come to Library West to study, visit the Circulation Desk and check out a plant for a 3-hour period. While you are here, you can take breaks “taking care” of your study buddy, and enjoy their company.

Where can I check one out?

To check out a plant, visit the 2nd floor Circulation Desk and gain a companion for a 3-hour period. Feel free to renew your plant for an additional 3 hours, but please be sure to return it to the Circulation Desk when you are done.

To see which plants are available to check out, see the UF Libraries’ online catalog.

How do I take care of my Study Buddy?

You take care of yourself, and we’ll take care of the plants! Since they can survive without water for some time, these plants are monitored and watered once every two weeks by library employees. We have a total of 24 plants in our collection, and cycle out 12 plants every 2 weeks in order to provide them with the sunshine they’ll need to thrive.

How can I find out more about owning and caring for my own succulent?

Information about this group of plants is available from University of Florida/Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences experts with the Gardening Solutions Program.