Tabletop Games

Library West offers a variety of classic and contemporary tabletop games. Board and card games are available for in-library use, while tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs) are available to take home.

Browse the chart below and visit the 2nd floor circulation desk to borrow a game.

Have a comment or suggestion? Want to borrow a game for your group’s event? Email us at!

TitleBorrowing PeriodMinimum PlayersMaximum PlayersAverage PlaytimeMore InformationCategories
African Stone Game (Mancala)3 hours2210 minutesAvailability & DetailsAbstract, Strategy
Apples to Apples3 hours41030 minutesAvailability & DetailsCard, Party
Battleship3 hours2215 minutesAvailability & DetailsDeduction
Borderline USA3 hours2420 minutesAvailability & DetailsBluffing, Cards, Knowledge
Calico3 hours1430 - 45 minutesAvailability & DetailsAbstract
Carcassonne3 hours2530 - 45 minutesAvailability & DetailsResource Management
Castellan3 hours2245 minutesAvailability & DetailsResource Management
Catan3 hours3460 minutesAvailability & DetailsResource Management
Checkers3 hours2230 minutesAvailability & DetailsAbstract, Strategy
Clue3 hours2645 minutesAvailability & DetailsDeduction
Codenames3 hours2615 minutesAvailability & DetailsCards, Deduction, Party
Crossways3 hours2415 minutesAvailability & DetailsAbstract, Party
D&D Adventurer Kit14 days11--Availability & DetailsTabletop, Roleplay Game
D&D Dungeon Master Kit14 days11--Availability & DetailsTabletop, Roleplay Game
D&D Party Kit30 days26--Availability & DetailsTabletop, Roleplay Game
Exploding Kittens3 hours2515 minutesAvailability & DetailsCards, Party
Jenga3 hours1820 minutesAvailability & DetailsAction/Dexterity, Party
Loaded Questions Jr.3 hours4645 minutesAvailability & DetailsCards, Party
Munchkin Deluxe3 hours3660 - 120 minutesAvailability & DetailsCard, Party
Mysterium3 hours2745 minutesAvailability & DetailsDeduction
Ouija3 hours2410 minutesAvailability & DetailsAbstract
Oz Fluxx3 hours2610 - 40 minutesAvailability & DetailsCards, Party
Passing Through the Netherworld (Senet)3 hours2230 minutesAvailability & DetailsAbstract, Strategy
Reef3 hours2430 - 45 minutesAvailability & DetailsAbstract, Strategy
Revolution!3 hours3460 minutesAvailability & DetailsBluffing, Deduction, Strategy
Scrabble3 hours2490 minutesAvailability & DetailsKnowledge
Scrabble Deluxe3 hours2490 minutesAvailability & DetailsKnowledge
Story Cubes3 hours2515 minutesAvailability & DetailsCooperative, Dice, Party
Sushi! Go!3 hours2515 minutesAvailability & DetailsCards, Party
Tapple3 hours21030 minutesAvailability & DetailsCards, Knowledge, Party
Trivial Pursuit3 hours23690 minutesAvailability & DetailsCards, Knowledge, Party
Wingspan3 hours1540 - 70 minutesAvailability & DetailsCards, Dice, Resource Management
Yahtzee3 hours21030 minutesAvailability & DetailsDice, Party
Yummy Yummy Pancake3 hours2420 minutesAvailability & DetailsDeduction, Quick Play