One Button Video Recording Studio

Fast and easy video recording studio for use by current UF Students, Faculty, and Staff! UF Students and Faculty can reserve the room for 2 hours blocks via the LibCAL reservation system.

What is One Button Studio?
One Button Studio (OBS) bundles all the attractions of a semi-professional recording studio – HD camera equipment, lighting, audio, and green screen option – in a single setup that UF students can use to quickly and easily record videos.

What Would I use One Button Studio for?
few suggestions: practice class presentations, create green screen recordings, video recording assignments, e-portfolio introductions and content, introductions for online courses, present research papers, pre-record lectures, and create demonstration modules, etc.

image of three students standing at the podium and recording themselves with the video recording system.

Video Tour of the One Button Video Recording Studio in Library West.

About OBS

What is the One Button Video Recording Studio? What could you use it to do?

Reserving the Studio

How can I reserve the One Button Video Recording Studio?

Tech Requirements for Recording

You are required to bring a minimum 8GB FAT32 USB drive.

Using the Studio

How many people, about the podium, recordings save in what format?

Editing Videos

OBS is for recording only, so where can I edit my videos?

Advanced: Using Recording Templates

Learn more about different templates for recording your presentation.