Using the Studio

Can more than one person use the room at a time?
Yes, small groups of up to four students are welcome to work together on video recording projects. Because the room is small, we ask that you please DO NOT bring extra furniture and chairs into the space. 

I won’t need the podium for my presentation, can I move it out of the way?
Yes, gently move the cable bundle out of the way, push the podium and it will roll off to the side and out of your way.  If you do move the podium during your recording session, please move it back and center it over the red tape “X” on the floor before you leave.

Can I use this room as a study space?
No, this is a video recording studio, not for use as a group study room. Patrons not using this space for video recording projects will be asked to leave.

Basic Instructions for beginners

  1. Login to the computer
  2. Insert USB Drive
    (USB port located top of podium, near red button)
  3. Push button to begin
    (Lights will turn on. 15 second countdown before recording begins)
  4. Begin filming
  5. Push button to end
    (must wait 2 minutes before removing USB drive or beginning another recording)
  6. Want to record another? Return to Step #3
  7. Done? Wait 2 minutes. Remove USB drive.
    (shuts off system)
  8. Logoff the computer

image of the confidence monitor showing three students recording themselves using the OBS system.

Advanced users can find information on how to use available recording templates: