Scott Nygren Scholars Studio

The Scott Nygren Scholars Studio is an instruction and meeting space for digital humanities, found on the second floor of Library West. In the Studio, you can build digital humanities projects, share your work with others, and connect to a community of digital humanists.

The Studio offers:

  • Technology for project creation and presentations
  • Flexible seating for small or large-scale events
  • Reservations for project team meetings, digital humanities workshops, and academic symposiums

For questions about digital humanities or the Scott Nygren Scholars Studio, contact the Digital Humanities Associate, Tiffany C. Esteban, at or 352-273-2875.

Digital humanities project presentations in the Scott Nygren Scholars Studio.
The Scott Nygren Scholars Studio holds presentations by members of the UF Digital Humanities Working Group throughout the year.

In Honor of Professor Scott Nygren

Professor Scott Nygren

Founded in 2015, the Studio is named after Professor Scott Nygren of the English Department. He is remembered as a true friend of Library West and the George A. Smathers Libraries. Professor Nygren worked for the University of Florida for 24 years, and directed the Center for Film and Media Studies.

“He fostered a sense of community within the English department…his championship of humanities has strengthened my own commitment to the importance of humanities within the university.” – Professor Anastasia Ulanowicz