Digital Humanities Consultations

The Digital Scholarship Associate, Tiffany C. Esteban, offers consultations to UF students, instructors, and researchers, and connects them with other digital humanities experts and projects. She is primarily associated with the Humanities and Social Sciences Library West.

What is Digital Humanities?

Digital humanities, sometimes shortened to DH, is a highly collaborative area of scholarship at the intersection of digital technology and the humanities disciplines.

For more information about the values, methods, projects, and criticisms of digital humanities, the English Wikipedia digital humanities page has a succinct overview.

Other open-access introductions to digital humanities include:

Your Digital Humanities Consultant

Tiffany C. Esteban welcomes UF students, instructors, and researchers to discuss all aspects of their interest in digital humanities. She takes a client-centered approach to digital humanities consultations, events, and outreach at the University of Florida. Her endeavors center the work of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in the field, and her efforts build relationships throughout campus around a shared interest in the intersection of human cultures and digital technologies.

Whether you’re starting to form an idea for a project, trying to manage an existing one, or looking for ways to connect your ideas to a larger community of experts, she is glad to consult with you.

Consultation Topics

She can help you:

  • Develop a working concept and plan for a digital humanities project based on your interests
  • Gain basic technical knowledge of digital humanities tools through one-on-one tailored workshops
  • Navigate access to software offered by UF and open-source communities for research projects and coursework
  • Build course assignments based on digital humanities, including multimedia digital projects

She is also available to give presentations or facilitate discussions for classes and campus groups upon request.

Consultant’s Research Interests and Responsibilities

Her research interests inform the styles, structures, and outcomes of her consultations with clients. These interests include:

  • International digital libraries
  • Library metadata systems
  • Japanese animation production basics
  • User experience design: Information architecture and interaction design

Her own work includes:

  • Consultations on projects ranging from digital collections of late Victorian children’s literature to concepts for a virtual recreation of 19th century Jerusalem
  • A collaborative presentation on Harvard University’s Japan Disasters Digital Archive
  • Workshops on the Zotero citation management tool
  • Committee service for the Florida Digital Humanities Consortium and the Global Digital Humanities Symposium

She also manages the Library West Scott Nygren Scholars Studio, a digital humanities instruction and meeting space, and acts as Co-Convener of the UF Digital Humanities Working Group by writing a newsletter and hosting events for the UF digital humanities community.

Tiffany C. Esteban consulting with Dr. Michelle Campos on a digital history project in the Library West Scott Nygren Scholars Studio.
Tiffany C. Esteban (left) consulting with Dr. Michelle Campos (right) on a digital history project in the Library West Scott Nygren Scholars Studio (2019).

Scheduling a Consultation

Option 1: Individual Appointment

To make an appointment, please contact Tiffany C. Esteban by email or phone.

Tiffany C. Esteban smiling in front of a tree and a bike rack outside Library West.

Tiffany C. Esteban, MSI

Digital Scholarship Associate

Humanities and Social Sciences Library West

Phone: 352-273-2875


Option 2: ARCS Consultation

Academic Research Consulting and Services (ARCS) is a department of library professionals who offer unique services to support your research.

As the digital humanities specialist, Tiffany C. Esteban is an affiliate of ARCS. ARCS department professionals offer expertise in areas that highly complement digital humanities work, including data visualization, geo-spatial information services, and data management planning.

If you are interested in consulting with a whole team of experts in these diverse areas, consider filling out the ARCS Consultation Form.

Your UF Digital Humanities Community

Any member of the UF community can participate in digital humanities. At UF, there are events hosted by the Co-Conveners of the UF Digital Humanities Working Group, and a Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate for interested students.

There are other groups on campus who work at the intersections between digital technology and human societies and cultures. Please visit their sites below for more information.