What if I have a special request?

Should you have a need that falls outside of our typical tech loaning policies, email your request to LibWestServices@ad.ufl.edu for assistance.

Note that special requests are not guaranteed approval, but our team will work to meet your needs as possible. We recommend that any specials requests be submitted at least one week prior to when the kit will be needed.

Any special requests must be made and approved prior to items being borrowed; you cannot make additional requests once an item has been borrowed.

How long can I borrow an item?

Each tech item is listed on the Take-Home Equipment page on the main Libraries website, which includes the Library from which the kit can be borrowed and the loan period for each item.

Can I renew the kit I borrowed?

Details on how to renew an item, and when renewal is allowed, are provided on the Borrowing & Renewing page.

How can I see if an item is available?

Visit the Take-Home Equipment page to see all items available across the all of the Libraries. Select the “See Availability” link in the appropriate row to be view an item’s page in the library catalog. This page will indicate if a kit is available or not.

Can I reserve an item for a future time?

As a rule, Library West technology and equipment is not available for reservation. Any special requests should be submitted via email to LibWestServices@ad.ufl.edu at least one week prior to when the kit will be needed. As noted above, requests are not guaranteed approval.

What happens if I return an item late?

Overdue fines for most of our technology are detailed on the insert included with the kit. For more information about fines that can be received if an item is returned late or damaged, review the Tech Fines, Fees, & Lost Items page.

Can a friend return my borrowed item for me?

It is not recommended to have others returned borrowed items on your behalf. You are responsible for the kit until it is returned to Library West, and if the kit were to be damaged or lost in your friend’s possession, you will still be held responsible for any charges. For this reason, it is always better to return all Library borrowed items yourself and to ensure they are returned whole and in working order.

What happens if my due date falls on a day that Library West is closed?

Items borrowed with a due date that would normally fall on a day that the library is closed are automatically advanced to be due back instead on the next day that the library is open. It is important that you review the due date provided when you borrow the kit to ensure you return it by the correct date.