Damaged, Missing, & Lost Items

Fines and charges for tech items are explained here.

Overdue Fines

As soon as tech items are overdue (late), fines will begin to be charged.

The overdue fine is $1 per hour for items you use in the Library, up to a maximum of $5.

The overdue fine is $10 per day for items that you can take out of the Library, up to a maximum of $100.

Lost or Items Not Returned

If items are overdue (late) for more than 14 days, they will be considered Lost.

Once an item is considered lost, your library account will be charged the maximum overdue fine for the item, along with a processing charge of $35 and the replacement cost of the item(s).

For most tech at Library West, the replacement cost will be found on the insert that is included with the kit.

Damaged Items or Missing Pieces

If you return or attempt to renew a tech kit that is damaged or missing a piece, the kit will remain on your account while we review it.

We will determine if the entire kit requires replacement, or if individual missing pieces can be replaced. You will be billed for these costs.

The insert included with the kit is considered a piece. Loss of this insert will result in a $5 replacement fine.

Replacement Costs

The Replacement Cost charged to you is determined by the amount paid by the Libraries at the time we purchased the item.

You are responsible for the cost of replacing any lost or damaged kits, which will appear on your ONE.UF account.

The Libraries do not accept items purchased by you as a replacement or substitute.

Appealing Charges

If you want to appeal fines charged to your account for technology borrowed from Library West, use the online refund request form. Submission of this form does not guarantee that charges will be refunded.