Basics of Using the KIC Scanner

Placing Your Document

The scanner has an adjustable cradle that can lay flat, or at increments up to 120°. Simply place your document in the middle of the cradle, adjusting the angle of the cradle sides as necessary. When scanning, a red laser will guide you to ensure your document is level.


Sometimes you may need to hold your document in place, such as with a tightly-bound book. Place your fingers in the bottom corner of your document to hold it in place, and start your scan. The auto-crop feature will automatically remove your hands/fingers from the scanned image. You can also use the ‘Modify Image’ tab to do additional cropping if needed.

Starting Your Scan Job

Using the touch screen display, tap ‘Scan.’ Before the scan will begin, you will be provided with a copyright notice. You are expected to read over this, and then tap ‘Accept.’

Immediately after doing so, the first scan will be completed. The image captured will be displayed on the top monitor of the scanner’s display. If you are happy with the scan shown, you can add additional scans to the same document by tapping the ‘Scan’ option again. Otherwise, tap ‘Delete’ to remove the scan from the scan job. Scroll through all the images in a given job using the thumbnails at the top of the controls.

If needed, there is also a foot pedal on the floor beneath the scanner’s cradle. After you’ve accepted the copyright notice and completed the first scan of a job, you can press the foot pedal to create additional page(s) to the current scan job. This is helpful when scanning a document that requires you hold it open.

Editing Your Scan Job

On the touch screen display, you can crop, rotate, adjust the brightness, etc, of the scanned pages you’ve previously created in the current job. You can also adjust settings for future scans, such as resolution, as well as reorder images in the scan job, delete specific pages, or even start the entire job over if needed.

Saving Your Scan Job

Using the touch screen display, select a method of saving your job; you will have three options. Ensure you’ve selected the file format you want before completing the below steps.

  1. MyDocs: Follow the on-screen steps to input the necessary account information and access the MyDocs app to complete the upload.
  2. Thumb Drive: Plug your thumb drive into the port located under the review display or the front of the material cradle. After doing so, the ‘USB’ option will become selectable. Follow the on-screen directions to export the file to your drive.
  3. Email: Tap ‘Email’, then enter the email address to which you’d like to have the file sent. Tap ‘Send’ and wait for the confirmation screen.