Graduate Dissertation Carrels

Graduate study carrels on the sixth floor of Library West.

Twenty-eight study carrels are available on the 4th floor of Library West.

These carrels are assigned for the academic year by a lottery of eligible applicants who have applied using our online application form. Priority is given to those graduate students completing their doctoral dissertations in the humanities or social sciences.

Graduate Study Carrel Policies

Library West has twenty-eight graduate study carrels containing a desk, chair, shelving, and wireless internet access. Assignments are made by the Library West User Services Manager. Priority is given to currently- enrolled graduate students with Social Sciences and Humanities majors completing their doctoral dissertations. The next priority is graduate students with Social Sciences and Humanities majors completing their master’s theses. A waiting list is maintained so that carrels that are relinquished during the year may be reassigned. The assignment period ends on the last day of the Summer semester. Renewal of graduate study carrels is not automatic and reassignment is not guaranteed. Graduate students must re-apply before each Fall semester.

Application Procedure

  • Graduate students submit a Graduate Study Carrel Application Form online by the end of the first week of Fall classes. All applications received by this date will receive equal consideration; they are not distributed on a first-come/first-served basis.
  • The Library West User Services Manager maintains the database of applicants and makes assignments after drop/add in the Fall.
  • Graduate students are notified via email when assignments have been made. The key must be picked up in person at the Library West Circulation Desk and signed out by the assignee, or their registered proxy.
  • This form is only for the carrels in Library West. Please inquire at the Circulation Desk of other libraries for their carrel procedures.

Guidelines For Use

  • Graduate study carrels are available for use during all hours Library West is open.
  • Assignees should not leave valuables or personal belongings that may be stolen or damaged; the security of the study carrel cannot be guaranteed.
  • Drinks in covered containers are acceptable. Assignee is responsible for keeping carrel clean; housekeeping employees do not enter carrels to remove trash or to clean surfaces or carpet.
  • Study carrels are not soundproof. Please be considerate of other library users.
  • Library furniture from other locations may not be moved into study carrels.
  • Library materials kept in carrels must be checked out to the graduate student. Library employees regularly monitor study carrels and will remove any library materials not properly checked out. Library materials located in study carrels are subject to overdue notices, recalls, and other library policies.
  • Appliances that pose fire hazards – heaters, coffee pots, etc. – are strictly prohibited.
  • For security, keys may not be duplicated.
  • Lights should be turned off and doors securely locked when leaving the study room.
  • Library privileges will be blocked if the key is not returned by the last day of the Summer semester.
  • Keys are subject to overdue charges. There is a non-refundable $35.00 replacement charge if the key is lost or not returned when due.
  • All personal books, papers, and other belongings must be removed and the key returned to the Library West Circulation Desk no later than the last day of the Summer semester.
  • Names of assignees are confidential and will not be released without a court order.
  • Repeat violations of guidelines may result in revocation of the study carrel.